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宅音乐-Josh Ritter《So Runs the World Away》试听
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描述:Josh Ritter《So Runs the World Away》试听

宅音乐-Josh Ritter《So Runs the World Away》试听

Loved Track:Lantern
Genre:Folk Rock / Indie / Rock
Release Date:2010.05.04
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Quality/File Size:iTunes AAC/M4A/256K/109.26M

Track List:

1. Curtains 0:57
2. Change Of Time 4:04
3. The Curse 5:03
4. Southern Pacifica 4:24
5. Rattling Locks 4:25 FREE 
6. Folk Bloodbath 5:16
7. Lark 3:04
8. Lantern 5:15
9. The Remnant 3:56
10. See How Man Was Made 3:26
11. Another New World 7:34
12. Orbital 3:29
13. Long Shadows 2:20

尽管早已不是1970年代,Josh仍不畏21世纪商业市场哗众取宠的主流,坚持以一枝笔、一把吉他和一副诚挚嗓音走闯歌坛。也因为如此,Josh Ritter的作品不同于只是趋势附庸、风潮过了就没有人记得的靡靡之音,他用心雕琢的每一首歌曲都是能抵抗时代风化的艺术创作。在Josh Ritter的身上,你可以看到Bruce Springsteen的人文关怀、Bob Dylan的犀利文采以及Don McLean的纤致易感。而在音乐方面,Josh则以最能展现人文色彩的民谣曲式为基调,再以其他各式曲风砌筑 其上。

这位在18岁时因为听到Bob Dylan的《Nashville Skyline》而将志向从救人的神经外科医师转为淑世的民谣诗人的创作歌手,以他在大学时代主修的美国文化研究作为养分,以丰富的文学涵养作为沃土,培 育出一首首精准素描当前社会现象的杰作。在酒吧驻唱时期被爱尔兰团体The Frames发掘,进而被该团引介给爱尔兰听众的Josh,在爱尔兰建立起坚强的歌迷基础后,经过两张独立发行的专辑以及三年来马不停蹄的巡回演 出,Josh以首度在国际唱片公司旗下发行的《Animal Years》让全球歌迷─以及他在美国的同胞们见识到他在安静沉稳中自然辐射出的慑人光芒。

"So Runs the World Away"是美国独立音乐人Josh Ritter的第六张录音室专辑, 这张专辑的正式版最早于今年的4月23日在爱尔兰发行, 随后于5月4日全球正式同步发行。Ritter描述这张专辑时说道这张专辑标志着他一段新生活的开始,专辑里面的歌曲内容宛如被粉刷在一块巨大的油布上。 至于新专辑的名字, 则是从英国文学巨匠莎士比亚著作《哈姆雷特》中得来的。[酱油小子译]

”I’ve come to expect good records from him…but this one took my breath away.” Bob Boilen, NPR Music. Ritter’s sixth studio Album, So Runs The World Away, marks the beginning of what Josh calls a ”new period” in his life, and it’s reflected in songs that he describes as ”more detailed and feel as if they were painted in oil on large canvasses.” The response has been unprecedented: confirmed highlights include NPR ”First Listen” World Cafe,and print coverage in Filter, Paste, Esquire (music issue), and much more. ”Change of Time” has been featured in March 23 episode of NBC’s Parenthood. Heavy touring continues through remainder of 2010, with many gigs TBA!

The centrepiece of Josh Ritter’s fifth album is a piece of folkloric daring. Under the title of Folk Bloodbath, he gathers together the key figures of American murder ballads into one song and interweaves their stories, using a refrain from Mississippi John Hurt as the glue – and so the lives of Louis Collins, Delia Green, Stagger Lee and Billy Lyons become part of one bloody continuum. It’s marvellous: seemingly solemn, but the black humour in this procession of gore is signalled by the title. So marvellous is it that it rather overshadows the rest of the songs, a fate not deserved by the likes of Lanterns, in which a spiralling, pizzicato guitar pattern echoing systems music is gradually subsumed by a rousing rocker, or Another New World, an epic maritime ballad of Ritter’s own devising (though it may owe something to Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee). Stirring stuff, and food for thought, too.

Josh Ritter (born October 21, 1976) is an American singer-songwriter  and guitarist. In 2006 Josh Ritter was named one of the "100 Greatest Living Songwriters" by Paste magazine.  Ritter has an Americana  musical style and has often been compared to Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Leonard Cohen.

Josh Ritter was born in Moscow, Idaho in 1976, to two neuroscientists. As a teenager, after hearing Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan’s “Girl from the North Country” on his parents’ copy of Nashville Skyline, he attempted to write songs on a lute that his father had built, before abandoning the lute and buying his first guitar at K-Mart.

Ritter attended Oberlin College to study neuroscience, but later changed his major to the self-created "American History Through Narrative Folk Music". At the age of 21 Josh recorded his first album Josh Ritter at a recording studio on campus. After graduating, Josh moved to Scotland to attend the School of Scottish Folk Studies for six months . Josh then moved back to Idaho for a few months, before moving to Providence, Rhode Island, then Somerville, Massachusetts where he worked temporary jobs and played at open mic nights. During this time, Ritter sold copies of his album and was spotted by Glen Hansard and his band The Frames, who invited him to return with them to Ireland. As an early sign of his success to come, Ritter found on the trip to Ireland that his album sold particularly well at open mics there. With the money from merchandise sales, Ritter was eventually able to quit his day job and devote himself to music full-time.

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